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I assist United States Postal Service clients with their preparation of eCareer Candidate Profiles and Statement of Accomplishments narratives. I have been providing this service for nearly 10 years, previously with the PS Form 911 before the eCareer system was implemented in 2008.
My name is Dr Murray Hollis. I have extensive experience of converting clients' information into effective documents for promotions, job applications and other purposes. My interviewing skills are as important as my writing skills, because my first task is to obtain information about your knowledge and experience. I do this in an interview (about an hour long) that is much like a job interview, except I am on your side.
providing writing services to USPS employees, primarily for job applications
I write narratives based upon extensive telephone interviews and e-mail communication. I tailor each Statement of Accomplishments to my client's situation. My interviews are much like job interviews, except that I am definitely on your side. My probing questions usually help clients to find information that they had not considered.
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I provide the completed Statement of Accomplishments narrative via email in a form suitable for pasting into the online eCareer forms. Also I edit job descriptions and provide advice about the rest of your Candidate Profile. If you want me to make changes or additions after the first draft, I will be happy to give furhter assistance to maximise your chance of your success.
I have written for about 2,000 clients, including USPS clients from throughout the United States. I have excellent knowledge of grammar and style, and I have accumulated a broad knowledge of the USPS as a result of writing for people at levels from PMR to senior management and people seeking specialist roles. I have provided service to clients in facilities from large P&DCs to one-person post offices, and people at district, area and national level. My clients include: senior EAS managers, postal police, city & rural carriers, IT experts, postmasters, window clerks, ASP candidates, real estate experts, human relations experts, operations supervisors, mail processing machine operators, etc.

I have a PhD in physics, a Diploma of Administration and long experience of management in a major university. I have done science writing for an on-line journal and for trade journals, written scientific research papers and undertaken extensive writing in my university management roles before pursuing writing as my main occupation during recent years. My diverse professional background in physics, engineering, administration and writing, amongst other things, has enabled me to gain broad knowledge and experience, which has greatly benefited my clients.
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